Intensive Vegetable Gardening


Saturday, April 19th, 10:00 AM – NOON
Intensive Vegetable Gardening

 Intensive Vegetable GardeningCourse Description:
Join local garden expert, Tom Monroe, and learn everything you need to know about intensive vegetable gardening, and preparing a space for a garden big or small through discussions on inter planting, succession planting, companion planting, and garden spacing!

“The purpose of an intensively grown garden is to harvest the most produce possible from a given space. Methods used in intensive gardening include raised beds, wide or multiple rows, vertical trellising, intercropping, and succession cropping. Traditionally gardens consist of long, single rows spaced 3 feet apart. Much of the garden area consists of space between rows. An intensive garden keeps wasted space to a minimum. A good intensive garden requires planning for the best use of time and garden space.”

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Cost: $5.00 

Registration at the door is welcome. Coffee, treats, and door prizes! To pre-register for this class click on the DPR logo or call (563)328-7275. You can also register at QCFH’s Local Market store.


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Saturday, MAY 3RD: Cottage Food Law Workshop

Due to instructor illness this class has been rescheduled for Saturday, May 3rd. Please contact University of Illinois Extension:
309-756-9978 for additional information.  

University of Illinois  Extension, Iowa State Extension and Outreach & Quad Cities Food Hub present…

Cottage Food Law Workshop
Saturday, May 3rd, 1 – 3 p.m.
Quad Cities Food Hub
421 W River Drive, Davenport, IA

Learn the requirements to sell home made items at Farmer’s Markets in IA and IL!

Did you ever think of making home made jams, baked goods, fruit butter, dried herbs, or dried tea blends, and selling them at a local Farmer's Market? Find out what it takes to use your kitchen to meet requirements around homemade food sales in Iowa and the Cottage Food Law in Illinois.

The workshop will help those who want to start a 'cottage food operation' or anyone wanting to get a refresher on the current laws and safe practices in Iowa and Illinois.

This workshop led by Nutrition and Wellness Educators from Iowa State Extension and Outreach and University of Illinois Extension will cover:

  • Overview of the Cottage Food Law in Illinois and Home Food Establishment regulations in Iowa
  • Kitchen/food safety guidelines to prevent foodborne illness
  • Current safe food preservation information for making jams, jellies and preserves

There is a $5 fee per participant which will cover materials.

Iniversity of Illinois Extension
Register online with University of Illinois Extension

Or call:
(309) 756-9978
Iowa State Extension


April 26th: Helping Hands Day

Join us at the QCFH on April 26th for Helping Hands Day 2014!


Just one of the many projects at the Freight House Local Marketplace on Helping Hands Day 2014: building a community demonstration garden at the Food Hub!

Day of Service 2014 – one day for helping hands and linking arms to serve members of the QCA community.

We’ll have ongoing projects from 9AM – 3PM designed to brighten and enhance our neighborhood at the Freight House Local Marketplace – helping to make it a community destination for learning and enjoyment!

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Saturday, April 26, Beginning Crochet

Saturday, April 26, Beginning Crochet

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The fourth class in our Value Added – Fiber Series

Whether a beginner or someone looking to brush up on the basics and discover neat tips and tricks, you will not be disappointed in this class presented by local fiber expert, Catherine Gravert of Spring Valley Farm - Fulton, Illinois. Participants will leave this class with their own crochet hook and yarn to continue practicing with at home.

Crochet is a process of creating fabric from yarn, thread, or other material strands using a crochet hook. The word is derived from the French word “crochet”, meaning hook. Hooks can be made of materials such as metals, woods, or plastic and are commercially manufactured as well as produced by artisans. Crocheting, like knitting, consists of pulling loops of material through other loops, but additionally incorporates wrapping the working material around the hook one or more times.

It’s theorized that crochet evolved from traditional practices in Iran, South America, or China, but there is no decisive evidence of the craft being performed before its popularity in Europe during the 19th century. Although crochet underwent a subsequent decline in popularity following the 1960’s, the early 21st century has seen a revival of interest in handcrafts and DIY, as well as great strides in improvement of the quality and varieties of yarn, as well as a rise in homespun and farm direct fibers.

Class fee: $20.00

Pre-registration is encouraged (but not required) to ensure adequate supplies. To pre-register online go to:


April 25th 6:30 PM and April 26th 11:30 AM
Quad Cities Native, Melissa Rogers, Guests on Iowa Ingredient

deviled eggsExplore the farms, restaurants, and ingredients that make Iowa food uniquely Iowan. Host Charity Nebbe takes viewers on a journey to discover flavorful Iowa ingredients. From apples to spinach to rhubarb and herbs, each episode features a single Iowa ingredient and treats viewers to a spectacular trip from the farm to the table. Explore where these delectable ingredients are grown in Iowa, learn more about some talented chefs who use local ingredients, and join Charity in the kitchen to savor some delicious recipes.

bread puddingQuad Cities local, Melissa Rogers of Ross’ Restaurant will be a guest on Iowa Ingredient, April 25 at 6:30 p.m. and again on the 26th airing at 11:30 AM. Melissa will be sharing her healthy and delicious recipes for deviled eggs and bread pudding.

QCFH will host a viewing of the April 26th segment, beginning at 11:30 AM, at our Local Market store!